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Discussione: Most agressive dog breeds?

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    Jun 2018

    Most agressive dog breeds?

    di Giovanni Camerini

    I have had a few dogs that we have bought from breeders (cocker spaniel and a chihuahua). i was wondering the difference in personality traits in "bred to be sold" dogs like the ones above, and those that are saved from shelters?
    The cocker we had bit everyone in the house, and was very rough with my little sister and I. we had her spayed and trained, but nothing worked. sadly, but also luckily(not to be mean) we had to give the spaniel back to the breeder we got her from. The Chihuahua had the same basic personality, but we had to give her away to the local shelter (she was later adopted). But we rescued a spitz/blue heeler mix and he is the sweetest dog ive ever had. so are shelter dogs nicer?
    and as the title says, what are the top 10 most agressive dog breeds?

    Please help.

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    di Giovanni Camerini
    I send you the wikipedia link in Italian of the 10 most aggressive dog breeds:
    the problem I think is the ability to give the dog the right place at home and with the family. I have greyhounds a whippet male and a female galgo. the galgo comes from a Spanish kennel and it was difficult to get used to it at home but with patience and good manners we achieved good results.
    good flight

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